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AFR2 - In a striking distance - too hard mission?



Spoiler alert for those who don't know the story yet.

I am struggling with one mission called "In striking distance". At least the second part of it.

I try to disrupt at least 2 ships at the same time and also order my wings to attack the warp drives in all enemy units except the huge one. But always Midway loses HP so he runs away and aborts the mission. I'm also trying to stop enemy ships right in front of this Sol's destroyer and make sure Midway and Petriarch aren't in between. But this Sol's destroyer is just too slow in damaging them. I also try not to chase ships because it's a waste of time.

But I've tried this mission like 10 times and it's too hard. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Is giving orders to attack a waste of time?

Also, this one big evemy ship has 2 warp engines and 1 warp core - which one do you have to hit to stop the ship? It's also hard to hit this ship, so I usually hope to deal with it last. Once or twice it was somehow destroyed, but Midway's hull collapsed anyway...

May I ask for some advice?

Herkie is trying to work on an update for this mission which should be out in the next update (I don't know when that will be though).

I have had trouble with this mission too.  What worked for me was focusing on disabling/TAGing one ship at a time (make sure it's in range of the Galahad though).

Thank you very much for your answer. :) I'll keep trying.

This mission seems to play out differently each time.  I've tried focusing on one ship at a time and I've tried spreading out wings to attack different ships.  Lately I just can't seem to win this mission as intended.  Using Widowmakers to slow the ships down doesn't really seem to make that much of a difference since Galahad can hit them if they're moving (they have to be TAGed though).

Unfortunately Herkie has passed away so we'll probably never see an update to this mission.

I would say just use a cheat (in this case activate the "~k" cheat) to pass the mission.


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