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In the year 2400, contact with Sol was established, but with dire consequences: a war between the Earth Alliance and the GTVA. A year has passed and both sides have suffered heavy losses. With reports of black ships appearing in the Ross 128 system, the greatest fear of the GTVA has been realized: the Shivans have returned once again.

Project Lead:

* WoomeisterSenior Staff:

* Darkage
* Venom
* Sadistic SidOther Staff:

* Alikchi
* Knight Templar
* Phreak
* RoachKoach
* Roy Fokker
* Sesquipedalian
* Si|eNt(\/)inion
* Spicious
* Stealth
* StratComm
* Tiara
* UntouchableCheckpoint Script:

* Admiral MS
* Goober5000Additional CBAnimations:

* OrmuniVoice Producer:

* Goober5000Sound Editor/Designer:

* Jo√£o Guimar√£esVasudan Voice Effects:

* Gamma39erVoice Talent:

* Admiral Nelson - EAD Devout
* Amy O'Grady - SOSD Olemus, Wingman 2 (Ice Queen), Wingman 7 (Female Vasudan)
* Andros Urbana - GTCa Independence
* Caiaphas - Admiral Dren (SOC Command)
* Caleb Smith - GTD Harmonium, GVD Nefertiri, GVCa Rhemet, Vasudan Command
* Cobra - GVD Hathor, Lieutenant Higgins, Wingman 1 (Ace)
* Colonol Dekker - Briefing Officer
* Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja - SOD Orpheus
* Dilmah G - EAC Praetorian, Sol Gate
* Eamonn Riley - Admiral Falon (EASD Nemesis)
* Eleven Labs - GTD Aquitaine
* Fusionblaster - Wingman 3 (Rookie)
* HulkyKrow - GTD Ramanaya, Wingman 5 (Sidekick)
* Kehra - EACv Iasius
* Logomancer - GVD Khedess, GTT Mylae, EAI Verdun
* Mobius - GTCv Mako
* Nicolle Zambrano - GTCv Carolina, GTCv Keyes, GTD Reyes, GTC Yukon
* Nyctaeus - GTCv Punishment
* RedMageJoe - Wingman 4 (Hotshot), Wingman 6 (Male Vasudan)
* Renegade Paladin - Allied Command, Untranslated Vasudan
* Sparda - EAD Arethusa
* Tim Valencia (The Kunked Slump) - Admiral Ramsey (Command Briefing Officer)
* Vindicare Assassin - GTT Azure, Lambda 1, EAC Redavi, GTT Renegade
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Previous rerelease thread: Inferno board
Release news: ModDB

Twenty years ago today, on July 16, 2003, Inferno was released.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the entire Release 1 campaign has been voice acted.  The voice acting features many actors and actresses who have contributed roles to previous mods, and it is also the first major release to include Vasudan voice processing by Gamma39er!  Gamma39er did an incredible job to exactly reproduce the sound effects used for both the untranslated and translated Vasudan speech.  Pay attention to the Vasudan characters in the campaign; they sound just like the ones from Volition.

A few other bugs have been fixed since the last rerelease in 2017, mainly mission event sequence breaks in uncommon situations, a few debriefing bugs, as well as a few model bugs.

Both the FSO Installer and Knossos have been updated.  If you prefer to install it manually, download it here and here.

Thank you for delivering this. It really does some justice to the legacy of INF in the world of FreeSpace modding.  :yes:

Thanks thanks THANKS! I have been hoping for this for....    well...    decades.

Two decades, at most.  :P

Admiral Nelson:
It is really great to see this! Voice really does make such a difference.


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