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Help - Reset Knossos On Mac


hoping someone can help me here as I am losing my mind so far.

I ran the install but it failed, and when I launch Knossos there is no option to launch the main game. I am trying to find a way to reset Knossos so I can do the install again and hopefully get it to work. However there does not seem to be an option to do this, that I can see? I have removed and re-installed the app several times with no luck.

I've searched for references to the Mac install and resetting and the only thing I can find is deleting the "Knossos" folder, but it does not appear to exist at all on my mac.

Any ideas?


Settings for Knossos are located in ~/Library/Preferences/knossos. Just remove the knossos folder and that will reset everything.


--- Quote from: taylor on August 21, 2023, 07:04:01 pm ---Settings for Knossos are located in ~/Library/Preferences/knossos. Just remove the knossos folder and that will reset everything.

--- End quote ---

Thanks very much. For some reason it was not showing previously but it looks like that folder was hidden. Found and deleted. Starting a fresh install now.

EDIT: Still failing and saying

I've got the following files downloaded from GOG

It gets everything unpacked / Extracted, then stops of "Failed Cleanup" with a pop up  "The installer does not contain retail files, Please make sure you select the correct installer"?

I've never installed it via GoG so I'm really not sure what the issue might be. I would suggest using Knossos.NET, however it appears to not currently support the GoG installer on macOS.

You could try a manual install if you're adventurous enough.

First, use the Extractor utility from Mac Source Ports to extract the files from the GoG installer. Be sure to extract the files to a new folder that you can safely remove later. I don't recall the exact layout of the extracted files, but the game files may be in the root of the folder you extracted the installer to, or in the "app" subfolder. Create a temporary folder somewhere and copy or move the *.vp files to this folder. Next, look for a "data" folder and copy/move it to your temporary folder. If there are additional data folders, like "data2", "data3", copy/move the contents of them into "data" in your temporary folder.

Now when setting up Knossos use the pre-installed option for your FS2 install and manually select the temporary folder where you put all of the game files. Knossos will copy all of the game files to the appropriate location. Verify that everything went okay, then you can safely delete the temporary folder and where you the extracted the GoG installer files.

I'm kinda guessing at some of that, but hopefully I'm close enough for you to get things working.

Thanks. I'll give that a go when I finish work tonight  :yes:


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