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I played up to the branching part of the campaign.  The Hyperion looks excellent and this campaign has been given a facelift.  Two small issues though, the medals in the medal chest are misaligned and on the next to last mission before the branch, I scanned almost all the containers but didn't get the objective complete for scanning the containers.  Also, my wingmen would not fire on the containers unless specifically ordered to

Glad to hear it!  Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the campaign. :yes:

Thanks for the bug reports.  The medal alignment problem was due to a minor incompatibility with the latest MediaVPs.  The container bug was due to a rather brittle implementation of the mission logic; it would be very easy to miss that objective by doing things slightly out of order.  These have now been fixed and the fixes will be included in the next update.

(The wingmen firing was not specifically a bug; they are ordered to not fire on the containers until the scanning objective is complete.  With the scanning objective fixed, this should no longer be a problem.)

I took the ISF branch last night and found no problems

Just played through the GVTA branch. One small flaw is that the engines of the Rahus in the first mission of the branch cannot be damaged, though it may be the MediaVPs as the Rahu looks different.  I was still able to destroy them all before they could escape though

Strange.  We'll look into this.


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