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Originally posted by Prophet

I remember them, from VWBB I think. Sometimes I worry that so many people have grown off from this community but I am still hanging around here. Am I not growing anywhere? Then I think people like IceFire and feel a lot better. :D


I've been into FreeSpace since December 1997.  Thats a long time :D

But I'm not involved like I used to be.  I've moved off, building a bit of a life for myself right now...

Some things are more important. Kellan felt that way and needed to move along.  No hard feelings there...he told me he was going and didn't have time anymore and I'll always respect someone for doing that.
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dark... i miss dark

i'm not sure who would win dark vs setekh

I wish they were both back making art!

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I think when it comes to modelling and texturing, Dark wins hands down.

When it comes to renders, Setekh.
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