Author Topic: Knossos won't launch FSO.  (Read 340 times)

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Knossos won't launch FSO.
I can't seem to launch FSO with Knossos. I couldn't use it to install FS2 with the GOG installer as it said the installer didn't contain the retail VPs. So I manually installed it and had it auto-detect.

If I hit play, "Launching FSO" flashes, but nothing happens.


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Re: Knossos won't launch FSO.
Try this: Go to options (gear icon), then joystick section and select 'No Joystick', then press 'Save'.

Re: Knossos won't launch FSO.
Why would this matter? Is it going to make it unable to play without a joystick? I'm getting the same issue where Knossos was launching before, but after an unknown update now its not launching anything. Doesn't matter what global flags I set.