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What's the size of the SSD for this mod?

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It's just crossed my mind...How long is the SSD in this Campaign?

Because, In the pic in the Screenshots thread, the SSD looks to be 8 km long...


It is in fact 17.6 km long[/I][/U]

Just to tell ya, oh and you can find the info on the length here:

I hope this helps, and if the SSD is already 17.6 km long, you can lock this thread


Knight Templar:
No its not. That place is garbage when it comes to that. The SSD has never anywhere else been long. They try to measure using real life physics which is again wrong for sci fi in anyway other than trying to out nerd someone.

Besides, if it were that big, then the Eclipse would have been a hella pussy of a ship and would have had to made some significant advances in reactor tech and so on to be able to carry more weapons than the SSD and have a superlaser, carry 8x the amount of TIES and more Walkers, along with being smaller than the SSD.

Both of your answers were wrong.

The SSD is 12 KM long.

The mesh I currently have is scaled tot he 17.6km length, and honestly that's the most consistant tot he movies length that exists.

As for the Eclipse suddenly being any less powerful because it's a bit shorter, may I point out that mass is what matters in warship sizes and not length?

The Eclipse, even with a 17.6km long Executor is 4-5 times more massive.

As for garbage, what's garbage is the weak rationalization by to try and use a figure inbetween the fandom figure and the first official publication figure...The actual FILM MODEL has proportions that make it 11 times the length of the Imperator.

Knight Templar:
Yeah, you are right on some points (spose' it's a pet peeve of mine). The SSD was big, but I don't think it was that big. The only place I've seen it 17 km is the force. Everywhere else (encyclopedias, ship guides, etc) it has been 8 km (except obviously.

I guess it just doesn't seem right. It was big, but it didn't seem that big.

while we're on it, I haven't played in a year; how big was the SSD in XWA?

That's it...I'm gone to play some XW:A...I'll reply back when I get the lengths from the game...



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