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An Idea for a/the campaign for the FS2/SW Mod

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I've had quite an interesting idea.

If anyone remembers the "original X-wing" campaign. You might be able to use the missions as a guide line...only thing is...that the game is so old...that I don't think anyone has the game anymore...or do they?

Well...I think I do...somewhere...but I have the next best thing!

The Official Strategy Guide (by Prima no less!) it has all the missions, all the objectives, EVEN SPOILERS!

I've had an something like the Campaign for X-wing...something like this:

(Optional Download)Training Chapter: Proving Grounds/Historical Mission Simulator. (6 missions per fighter=18 Historical Missions, plus the 3 proving ground missions= 21 training missions...whoa...)

Chapter 1: Get into the fight with the Empire and the Rebellion, shoot somestuff up, learn the basics about the campaign. (10 missions)

Chapter 2: More fighting with the Empire. Leading up to an Assault against a Star Destroyer, and hand delivering the Death Star plans To Princess Leia herself on the Tantive IV! (12 missions I think...)

Chapter 3: Even more fighting with the Empire. Protect a Calamari Cruiser. And finally Attack and destroy the first Death Star! (12 missions...I think...)

If you think this is a good idea, then say it is! If you have something different planned...than ok! It could be used for a user made Add-on for the SW mod!

If you need info on the'll take a while to type them all out. (The book is about as thick as a 400 page novel!)


That'd be pretty cool.

A lot of the original TIE Fighter missions were pretty fun as well.  Especially the ones with the Advanced and the Defender. ;7

X-W is player in the times of the Battle of Yavin, so the appearance of many ... many ships like the T/D, B-wing, A-wing would be impossible. And I still haven't told any words about the interdictor, Mon Cal cruiser and SSD(built two years ABoY.)

mmm I played xwing (and the same for tiefighter game),...uh...10 years ago on an ibm notebook, passive monitor, black and white, with the mouse and without sounds:):)
and I loved it so much that I still remember most of the mission details.
And it could be a nice idea to repropose most it's campaigns (tours of duty, ehhe) with the fs2 engine, maybe changing a little the missions to make em more dynamic.
well actually it would be very cool
 the problem is that it would be a long job to make such big campaigns that it would be little hard to have it ready for the time of the demo.

maybe just a selection of missions...choosing the most cool...

i remember a group of mission where you protect Leia's corvette before being trapped by vader's isd that could fit our needs.
But there where many other missions very nice, to protect the rebel fleet from a sudden attack of a star destroyer, and in a successive mission to protect some ships (medical ships IIRC) from an attack from a frigate, a very hard mission with the frigate hypering in, out, and again in from a completely different vector.
And there were many cool missions in tiefighter too, expecially the fleet battle near the end was great.

And expecially for the xwing missions, there wouldn't be too many ships required, IIRC:
xw, yw, aw, shuttle, freighter, corvette, mc80, (there was also the light mon cruiser? can't remember), nebulon b, tf, ti, tb, 2 or 3 containers, transport, ISD, ta, and I can't remember if there were also tug and mines
In Tiefighter there were many many others, so it would take more to be able to make those missions.

Yes I like the idea of some missions from the old xwing, and we already have many of those ships..mmm :)

I got another idea...

What about splicing together both the X-wing AND Tie-fighter games into one!

The first half of the Campaign is the X-wing game. And possibly the B-wing addon campaign (I have it somewhere...just dunno where...I'm gonna look for it after I post this message)

The Second half is the Tie-Fighter Game!

Could you guys do this?

...Could it also be possible for me out with the campaign in anyway?

Anyways, keep up the good work guys!



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