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For you who are waiting... (SWC website)


The website is now under the development of two people, one of wich is not banned from his computer for 2 years ( :hopping: )...

He's working on content for some of the pages. Click our avatars to see the website.

Comments for him?

Why do we have two screenshot sections? The one here at the forums, and on the webpage? Isn't a single one enough?

no, here is to sow off new works of art, and there is for a running list

I redid several of the pages recently. I am lacking the program i am used to working with, so i did stuff the old fashon way, of wich i have little knowledge... I've integrated the site with the forums more, in the sense that the Screenshots page, is now linking to the screenshots thread... This means that any of the moderators can post screenshots, without needing an update. I will still keep a running tally of ships used however...


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