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this thread looked empty, so i grabed a simple screen from modelview of Karma's A-Wing... (I think its Karma's)... :nervous:

EDIT:that picture really does the model and textures no justice...

EDIT karma: it's mine, yes...btw I stopped working on it a while ago since it wasn't working very well in vanilla fs2, now in FSO it works flawlessy, so I need to put my hands on it again.
For the release version I plan to round a bit more the engines and to increase the resolution of the textures, expecially on the pixelated grey sides around the warehead launchers...stay tuned!:)  

Well, with 3DSmax 6, i'll be able to start getting some better images... For now, by KARMA once again, the high poly Tie Fighter:

Another one from KARMA!

Tada! The TIE Defender!


[karma]sorry if I removed your post setekh, I did it only to keep the thread clean after modifying this post

No problem. ;) // Setekh


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