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Blaise Russel:
A new week begins tomorrow, so a fortuitous moment for me to release a little something I've been working on...


A year has passed since the destruction of the Lucifer and the flight of the Shivan armada. In the year 2336, the Terran and Vasudan peoples attempt to reclaim their former empires and piece together their shattered lives. However, dissidents and splinter groups from within jeopardise their hopes of peace - fighting for independence or against hated alien foes. In the midst of all this turmoil, you are transferred, from the safety of the 1st Battlegroup of Vasuda to the 13th Battlegroup's PVD Guardian and the troubled hotspot of Deneb...


Shrouding the Light VP

FSPort main VP (fsport2_3.vp), also the FS1 music VP (fs1_warble.vp)

Lightspeeds Set 3 and Set 6 nebulae (green and blue)

Lightspeed's new Weapon Effects

Admiral Nelson's patch


Place the nebulae files in the data/effects folder

Place the VP files in the your mod directory

Select the mod, start up the game, create a new pilot, select the campaign and enjoy!

wow just wow campaing with 21 mission is good, great work dude :)

Woooow, a B.R. production!

*Downloads immediately* :D

Holy crap, BR! :eek2: You definitely need a new custom title - Grand High FREDder, or summat. :)

Downloading now (this'll seriously tie up my afternoon :p).

So this is why you've been so quiet in TVWP, and AotD... It all makes sense now...

Anywho, I think I'll DL this, Homesick, and Sol: A History, since I have all week off from work, for some odd reason. I may actually play what everyone is ranting and raving about! :D


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