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I noticed a few other critical issues in 17a/17b, and put up a new version with fixes for that.

If you're still interested, I should be able to whip you up a recolored/returreted HTL Hades in fairly short order. I'll have a look when I can.

What you have on the concept art would require remodelling tho, which is outside my field of expertise.

Sure, you can try it out. There is some modeling work needed even if you stick to the usual Hades design though, as described earlier.

I ran into a small bug that isn't gamebreaking but can make this mission much harder.

In the mission where you are called to take down at least 15 of the Saturn's turrets, the Disruptor guns don't work as advertised.  They are listed as having 2000m range (and the circle in the middle of your HUD that says you can hit a target is there), but they don't do any damage to turrets from that range (or even within that beyond 1000m).  You have to get within 1000m to do any damage with the Aketon Disruptor.

I took a quick look at the weapons.tbl but the Akheton lifetime/speed look fine. It could be an issue with the Saturn model itself, which is known to have collision holes. Do you see it anywhere else like mission 8?


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