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Bryan See's Suggestion Thread

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Look, Bryan. I think we've got an issue here. I don't understand what you're trying to do, unless this is some very experimental post-modern humor going on here.

I'm pretty laid back, I don't try to be serious all the time, I like jokes, I don't mind the occasional diversion of topic as long as its still somewhat related. Darius posting Cruel Angel Thesis remixes is related because JAD parodies Evangelion. If you want to do "Oh are you going to add someone like XXX from Eva into JAD?", hey that's fine. Or "who would fly Unit XX in JAD?" It's all related to JAD and the things its directly connected with.

I just can't find what your purpose is with this:

--- Quote ---Excuse me, please.

You seem to be looking for nice Terran ships. I suggest Steve-O's fighters and bombers.

And for Shivans, I think my SC Raguel will do.
--- End quote ---

I literally asked you not to do that. Are you trying to make a joke? If so, it needs a lot of work. Maybe something more absurd, more unforeseen, and less on the nose than "I'm going to do exactly the opposite of what I was asked".

Do you have a problem with me or the mod? I'm just at a real loss with this.

Please think very hard and give good thought to your posts in the future.


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