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Blighted is a fast-paced action roguelike with randomized encounters and many persistent items and upgrades. Every encounter features dynamically generated enemies, each filling unique roles and synergizing with each other, and every level brings new types of enemies with increasingly deadly abilities, each punctuated with a powerful boss. And for you, the player, there are many different weapons to unlock, complete with unique upgrades, as well as many passive upgrades to your ship, enhancing your ship's properties and providing new abilities, and an 'equipment' item, a special triggered item with various effects like temporarily reflecting enemy projectiles back at them, or a laser grappling hook to snatch enemies or quickly relocate.
Grab it on Knossos!

Here's a gameplay video!

I have a lot of plans in store for Blighted, and this is far from the end. In vague order of priority:

* New Items
* New Equipment
* New Weapons
* A rebalancing of the game to remove damage and defense upgrades and squash the scaling of the game, because those buffs are kinda lame and I want no seed/not 100% seed runs to be more viable than they are. Accomplished in version 1.1!
* An intro hub area so I can dumpster the lame 'briefing' Accomplished in version 1.5!
* New Enemy Types
* New Playable Ships
* Achievements
* Challenge mode difficulty which comes with a variety of more-challenging shakeups and remixes of the normal mechanics
* Turn this into an actual TC like it should be
* Boss alternative variations

* Eatthepath - for lots of early playtesting and a big shoutout to Warmachine for inspiring many aspects of this mod
* Kestrellius - for playtesting and directly contributing various graphical effects, and indirectly doing the same through my relentless pillaging of the MVPs graphics
* Marguel - for playtesting
* Hades, Risk of Rain, Synthetik, and Nova Drift - for being awesome games and my biggest inspirations
Hidden Text: Show1.0.1: Fixed a bug which would cause a crash if the player picked Ykka

* Scanning seeds now shows 'ghostly image' of the type of item dropped by the seed, whether weapon, upgrade, or equipment.
* Damage and Defense buffs removed
* Approximate enemy damage and HP scaling per level changed 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.2 -> 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5
* Zealous Dynamo, Red Flux Capacitor, Blue Flux Capacitor added
* Fixed a bug where normal weapon energy difficulty scaling would apply. All difficulties now have the same weapon energy usage as intended.
* Static Charge changed, 100 damage at 100m (+40m) every 10 (-2) seconds -> 150 damage at 140m (+40m) every 15 (-2.5) seconds
* Shield Catalyzer nerfed, 25% (+25%) per kill -> 25% (+10%) per kill
* 'Extra Repair' renamed to 'Enhanced Regeneration'1.2.0:

* Items Afterburner Engine, Overflow Reactor, Yellow Flux Capacitor, Ammo Catalyst, Hull Catalyst, Revengeant Prism, Afterburner Catalyst, Siege Drone added.
* Equipment Paralyzer added
* Weapon Venarus' Dart added
* Fixed a bug where spores would not deal damage
* Laser Hook has a limited range of 4km (used to be something like 30km, yikes!)
* Speed buffs now are indefinitely stackable
* Urumi slightly nerfed across the board. Less damage, more energy, worse homing.
* Collision damage modified to be less effective vs larger ships, but benefits from bonus damage now
* Added better sounds for Hammer and Onager hits
* Static Charge and Iridescence (and Siege Drones) no longer benefit from bonus damage, and have been slightly buffed in damage.
* Added Upgrade 'Options', where a choice of two can be chosen
* Added Augments, which augment the level of a currently equipped item of the Player's choosing
* Level 2 and 3 Spores no longer trigger catalysts, and level 1 ones only trigger at half effect
* Cyathiums are much faster, 20m/s -> 50 m/s
* Phase duration nerfed (15s -> 12s), Reflecting Shard nerfed (10s -> 8s)
* Base afterburners modified, burn for a bit longer, but recharge slower1.3.0:

* Item Weapon Linkage added.
* Added 'Seed Potential' where skipped seeds can add to the chance of multiple upgrade choices.
* Add a real loading screen and tips1.3.1 and 1.3.2: Assorted bugfixes

* Item Non-Newtonian Armor added.
* Enemy type Tendril added.
* Seed Potential 'efficiency' increased. Each seed skipped now gives two upgrade rerolls instead of just one.
* Fixed a bug where music would stop playing after a long session
* Greatly increased Noeis' Onager and Belgar's Hammer shield factor, still less efficient, but merely having shields is no longer an effective defense against these weapons.
* Pistil and Stamen size increased 50%. They were always meant to be small, but not such difficult targets at long range.1.5.0:

* Host of fixes and visual tweaks and improvements
* Mid-game run saving/loading woohoo!
* Static Charge cooldown scaling adjusted to be proportional (no more static charges every frame after 6 of them!).
* Improvements to Inflorescence phase 3 beam tracking to feel more consistent and less bull****.
* Augments now drop in legendary variants, and regular augments no longer work on legendaries.
* Weapons Quella's Axe and Ilus' Estoc added
* Legendary item Adamantine Armor added

Highlighted. :yes:  Looking forward to playing this!

Iain Baker:
Sweet! That looks hella fun :-)


--- Quote ---A rebalancing of the game to remove damage and defense upgrades and squash the scaling of the game, because those buffs are kinda lame and I want no seed/not 100% seed runs to be more viable than they are
--- End quote ---

All this time and I never tried going through the node before finishing all the seeds. Welp.

Go play this game. Even if roguelikes aren't your thing you should at least give what Asteroth has done a spin. I'm pretty sure Blighted has within it the coolest thing I've experienced while playing FSO.

Mito [PL]:
Yeah, it's rather fun to play. The factor of random is one thing, but the amount of cool abilities to use is fantastic. Blighted is a great creation, so simple on the art side and so enjoyable.

Also the soundtrack is bonkers.


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