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Blighted - An FSO Roguelike

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Dilmah G:
^This. Gave it a whirl this afternoon and it was an absolute treat. Good work Asteroth!

Version 1.1 released!

* Three new items added, Zealous Dynamo and Red and Blue Flux Capacitors.
* Damage and defense buffs have been removed entirely, and enemy scaling has been reduced. They will still scale into late game, but now you have to leverage the boosts from your items more to compensate, which is more challenging but feels much better in gameplay.
* The type of item a seed drops can now be 'previewed' by scanning the seed.
Those are the biggest most user facing changes but details can be seen in the changelog.

Update 1.2 released, which comes with a boatload of new items, a new weapon and equipment and an expanded amount of choice over your build!

Note: You will need to restart your 'campaign' after starting the new update (this will likely apply to all future updates)

* 5 new items
* 3 new items in the newly added Legendary tier of items
* New Weapon, Venarus' Dart
* New Equipment Paralyzer
* Upgrades now have a chance to give you a choice of 2 upgrades
* Augments can now drop, which allow you to increase the level of a currently equipped item of your choosing
As always, details in the changelog.

I played through blighted and...

LOVED it, it's something I've always wanted in Freespace and I adore it.
The Enemies were great, the weapons were interesting and the items were fun (especially the lateral and reverse upgrades). The bosses were spectacular and the largest complaint is "There's not enough" (if that's even really a complaint. It's just such a fun mod).

I've found two bugs. your equipment (and only equipment) survives through mission resets (and mission resets only) and after beating a boss and jumping through the gate you can get an ally called "stand in" (probably just used for cut-scenes) but only if you time accelerate fast enough before the cut-scene for a new stage starts. Yes you can get more than one of them and yes it's kinda dumb (in a fun way). Sorry if you've already been alerted to these bugs.

An interesting thing to note but I find I avoid weapon and upgrade seeds after a while (equipment when I find one I like) and weapons when I beat the first boss.

I hope there are more updated in the future because this mod is awesome.
Spoiler:ps: the friendly spirits from the final boss right with the root... what do they do?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Rest assured that I do have many remaining plans for new content for Blighted down the road. I can understand skipping weapon and equipment seeds once you're satisfied, this is pretty intentional although I may slowly bring down their chances the longer you go into the game, but skipping upgrades? There's no downside to getting more!

Thank you for letting me know about those bugs as well, they should be pretty simple to fix.

Spoiler:They have no gameplay effect, if that was your question.


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