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[Re-release] Rain On Ribos IV (Omnibus version 1.1.1)

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Version 1.1 of the Memories of the Great War-Omnibus is now ready for download.

It brings back Rain on Ribos IV.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This campaign was released on a 21.4. Nightly build. Its version was set to avoid issues with "Control5"-code, however Knossos may allow newer builds.
Please use the Nightly build provided (20220101).

Sadly it is also a product of crunch and large ammount of elventh hour bug fixes, but releasing it was preferable to another long delay - It literally had to happen today because I will not be able to release anything for several months at least.

The state of the debriefings is a particular sore spot (99% percent of them are unedited c&ps from the original release) and I didn't have time to run the new campaign file through it's paces.

Please let's collect all bug reports in this topic...

Note: The nightly from January 1st 2022 ( is the currently recommended build.

Known Issues:
Items in green are verified fixed for a future update.

- I forgot to turn off the Debug-setting in Mission 16 and 17b. You will see a spoileric debug-output while playing. (fixed in 1.1.1)

- Campaign cannot be progressed after Mission 13.

- Several: Broken " ' ", "..." and " - " special characters.
- Mission 3: The AWOL-debrief triggers incorrectly - also it was a line from a previous, unedited version of the script.
- Mission 8: The debriefings for a partial and full success scenario trigger when a full success is achieved.
- Mission 9: additional helpful pointers added for Difficulty <Hard
- Mission 12: Several messages are duplicated.
- Mission 12: The debriefing for a partial and full success scenario trigger when a full success is achieved.
- Mission 13: Missing command briefing animations. (2_cb_typhon for stage 1 and 2_cb_subtrack for stage 2)
- Mission 17A & 17B: Due to table error the Typhons may not deploy missiles from their lower turrets for engagements with capital ships.
- Mission 17A: Several messages out of sequence.
- Mission 17A: Directives for Basiliks flanker wings are missing.
- Mission 17B: Shivan bombers arriving out of sequence.
- Mission 17A (single mission only): Spoiler:Hammer of Light-variants of Vasudan fighters are missing from the Loadout

Based on Conflict: Freespace by Volition Inc.

Uses the Freespace Port

Scenario/Mission Design - Jan ''0rph3u5'' Dombert

Scripting - ''Axem''

English Language Editor (v1.1+) - Iain ''Nomad'' Baker

Beta Testers:
2007 release:
- "Macfie"
- "Trashman"
2009 update candidate:
- "Rodo"
- "Solatar"
2016 update candidate:
- "Taranis"
- "Lykurgos88"

The "core"-package also contains:
- GTF Hercules, Recon-variant - by “Galemp”
- GTFg Jupiter aka GTCv Fafnir - by “Black Wolf”
- TCa Saggitarius aka GTCa Ymir - by "Nyctaeus", "Hades", "DahBlount" and "Mjn.Mixael"
- GTM Asklepios - by "Nyctaeus"
- GTI Asteria - by "Axem" and "Oddgrim"
- GTI Endymion - by "Axem" and "Black Wolf"
- GTI Veles - by “Black Wolf”
- PVC Mekhet aka PVC Tatenen - by "Nyctaeus"
- PVCa Ramses aka PVCa Bastet - by “Black Wolf”
- PVCv Pnepheros aka PVCv Kauket - by "Nyctaeus"
- PVFg Cleopatra aka PVM Naunet - by “Axem”, with textures by “Black Wolf”
- PVD Atum - by "Nyctaeus", with textures by “Black Wolf”
- PVM Duat - by "Oddgrim"
- VAC4#VLS - by "Mjn.Mixael" & "Nyctaeus"
- SB Ojas aka SB Barghest - by "Woomeister" and "Rampage"
- Prop Asteroids by ''Shivan Hunter'' & Anonymous
- Skyboxes models by "Nyctaeus"
- Additional models by "Axem", "Mjn.Mixael" and others
("Additional models"-Credit is going to be detailed in v1.2)

Special Thanks to:
- My friends and family,
- "Spoon",
- "Axem",
- "Mobius",
- "Nycateus",
- the SerRes-team,
- the community at Hard Light Productions,
- the Freespace Port-team,
- all contributors of the Freespace Upgrade Project
- and most of all, the Freespace 2 Source Code Project.

Congratulations on the release!

Last night's post was brought on by insomnia and factually incorrect. The Mission 15 included in the public facing package is the correct version for the Omnibus-release.

WOn't launch for me. Says not executable was found for the mod

If you are on the "stable" release channel, there is currently no build that works with v1.1.1 (to my knowledge). When the 22.0 Build is completed, you should be able to use the "FSO Setting" option to select a new build that should work.


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