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[Open Beta] Strom Front and Another Great War

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Thanks for the feedback. :)

A few answers:
- The sound when you rearm is an error I couldn't solve so far.
- Also that msgs are sometimes sent by the wrong unit is an error that occasionally occurs.
- If missions are too tough, just cheat through it and go ahead. I know it's not streamlined so far. I'm the only person having played this so far, after all and naturally I know the perfect solution.

Also, by the way, best play on medium difficulty.

The Argus is supposed to be killed. ;-)

Stealth in that mission should simply work as far as stealth works in FS2. It's never been perfekt. The reason TAG does not work is because the enemy EMP fire is suppressing the friendly beams.

The Iceni is supposed to kill both cruisers. Kill the other ones with cheats.

what if throws a few errors about ship classes on the first mission. launching storm front stock also throws a lot of warnings. I can took a look at why that is once I'm back home.

Ooph, there's so little time!  :sigh:

I've finally updated StormFront to version 22.1 and corrected all the errors Marguel reported. I've made Switching Off the Light easier by giving the Sobek SVas instead of MVas. But the trick in that mission is to kill the Sobek's beams (and scanning all the base's subsystems) before going after the missile launchers, anyway.

Cannot reproduce the errors in What If, though.

So on the mission that you have to scan the shivan cargo to get the data I can't get past it even with cheats. When I get close to the cargo they explode like they do in the original mission, but I can't target the remain containers in order to scan them. Any help?   This is in What If Another Great War Campain. The mission is Pandora's Box.

I have the same issue as  Frodo told.


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