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Re-release: Friends and Foes


Friends and Foes: Retribution

by Bomb3rman
2.0 Re-release by Jake Berman (qweqwe321)

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All you wanted was a new life somewhere in the wild and unregulated areas outside of UEF control. As a member of the Flying Pumpkins, you hoped to leave your inglorious past behind. But how long can you stay neutral when civil war knocks at your front door?

This story is about those people that get caught in between when empires collide and great armies fight their wars. This is about the survival of those you love and need the most. About those who sweat and bleed next to you when the going gets tough.

Follow the path of Andrew "Vega" Polly, trying to survive in a system that is slowly fading into chaos. With only a few people at his side, he's trying to persevere in the war zone when the GTVA enters Sol and starts its attack on the UEF. Meet new friends, make peace with your past, fight the rising threat of a new and powerful militant organization and grasp the opportunity to get things right, finally.

The story of this campaign is loosely based on Blue Planet, though I tried to be as correct as I could be with the dates and background stories. It takes place within the 18 months before the GTVA captures Jupiter, shortly after the GTVA arrived in Sol.

The campaign consists of 13 missions, I recommend playing on medium for a challenge (I usually play at medium and think it's quiet challenging, though I just might suck in a cockpit :P). Estimated playing time is about 4 to 5 hours.

So have fun and thanks for reading, give me a feedback if you like, I'm thinking about a sequel right now ;).


- Cleanup of the dialogue for grammar and syntax.

Jake Berman updates
1.1.3 -> 2.0.0
- Updated it to current FSO, MVP and Blue Planet Complete releases, including a lot of model fixes and cleanup to the table files.  The next update (2.1) will have dialogue cleanup as well.

Novachen updates
1.1.2 -> 1.1.3
• Resolved all debug errors under current MVP & BPC releases.

1.1.1 -> 1.1.2
• Fixed ship classes bugs in "Treasure Hunt II", "Evidence", "Eye for an eye" & "Casualties of War".

1.1.0 -> 1.1.1
• Fixed the Akebono ship classes in "Two thirty eight", "Sunrise" & "The price of victory".
• Fixed an Event in "Sunrise".


The Blue Planet Team

Black Wolf
Shivan Hunter

Sweet! Thanks for putting your time in on this. It is a frequently overlooked gem of a campaign and does a great job of presenting larger events through the lens of civilians caught in the middle of it all.

Very nice to see it getting some love!

Oh yeah I was looking for this one

Sorry for digging up older threads, but I'm currently playing through this campaign and I'm stuck on mission "Two thirty eight".

I'm supposed to shoot down that civilian transport after I've patroled to two patrol/nav beacons. First I have to scan the ship and then I'm ordered to destroy it. If I start shooting the guns go silent and I can't fire anymore, leading to the outcome that the ship is steering uncontrolled into another ship destroying both. The mission fails in this scenario and the recommendations tell me to destroy the ship faster.

So I start shooting the ship right when in firing range and scan it while firing. Leading to the same outcome as above. Mission failed.

So my idea was to ignore the shooting order alltogether and just scan it. The ship flys close to the station and the mission ends, but still failing.

So please anyone tell me what I have to do to complete this mission, so I can proceed?

I've pushed an update - both the campaign file and the mission were bugged.


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