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I am willing to use my voice to help out. I'm doing some voices for the WC Saga mod (I go by a different name there), and this project also looks very worthy of some community support.

What lines do you want as an audition?



--- Quote ---[list=1][*]San Antonio, respond. Respond dammit!
[*]We've shot down all the carriers, pilots! Good work.
[*]The Ford is launching two wings of fighters. Designations Mu and Kappa.
[*]243rd here, moving to engage the Novgorod.
--- End quote ---

We're now also hiring modellers and texturers, in addition to voice actors and fredders.

I can help you with texturing.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by aldi
I can help you with texturing.
--- End quote ---

Don't go another one you should finish Texturing job's in MT and beta testing in BWO:rolleyes:


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