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What's with already done materials?

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Will you publish your models/skyboxes ect.

Project is dead, but models are pretty good and it could be used by other moders/freders :)

Yes! I'm sure many people would just absolutely hug your stuff. I've looked at your tech database, and I see some QUALITY stuff. I cant believe you actually have TANKS in FreeSpace! I was impressed. Good job, guys.

And you are dead right?

Getter Robo G:
You could have not typed that last sentence...

Anyway, I am shocked and saddened by this turn of events (I was like where is the 158th section? Archived,WTF???)

I had long looked forward to this project's completeion (not just because I voiced 2-3 missions for it).

I agree that if possible, could whoever has the dev files please consider a release as a public dump. That is if you can get a consensus from reachable team members...

My sincere condolences on this event...

Who are these reachable team members you speak of?

Look, there's one now!

Wait, nevermind, that wasn't Narol.


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