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Turrets help!

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Once i glue a light as sibling to the turret, then glue them as child to the hull, what are _ALL_ the steps I need to do in MM.  Please be specific

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Robin Varley:
First you need too edit the bit under the sub objects tab, scrool down the list till you find the turret then add this in the little box;

(these might not be spelt right, so copy them from another pof file)

$name=laser turret

the first line is crucial, the second line specifies the field of view for the turret taken from the normal, ie which direction it faces.  The third line might not matter actually, FS2 is quite smart about the name of a turret, if you put a beam on it, it'll name it a beam turret in game and so on, but still include it any way.

if this turret is to rotate, you'll also need to set the movement to be in the z-axis (usually), for multi part turrets, the arm ie the barrell will also need to have its movement set up, this should be in the x-axis.   For a better explantation to setting up multipart turrets in FSMM2, look at the volition models, the orion is a good one, or alternativly look at my Acheron model, it's got multipart rotating turrets which appear at 2 levels of detail and wreckage left behing too.  In the case of my mod, its the first 4 turrets you want to look at.

Once you setup the turret as a subsystem, goto the gun turrets tab and click add new turret.  Select this new turret using the dropdown menu, and then using the 2 drop down menus below select the name of the sub  object you are going to use as a turret for both (if this were a multi part turret, the arm/barrel is the one on the right of the screen while the base is the one on the left)

You now need to specify the the normal of the turret, this should be the direction it initially faces, the fov is taken from this as well. Just in case you don't know, here are the values for normals

looking at the ship from above with the front pointing to the top of the screen

x=1   -left
x=-1  -right
y=1   -straight out of the screen towards you, ie the coming out of the top of the ship
y=-1  -coming out the bottom of the ship
z=1   -coming out the front of the ship
z=-1  -coming out the back of the ship

to work out those at diffent angles I use segultech's weapons creator to find the normal, then copy them into FSMM2.

Once you've done that, you hsve to add at least one firing point.  This is were the actual shot is fired from it's relative to the whole turret, not the ship it's self, if you do multipart turrets with long barrels facing in an odd normal, you'll have to make sure the firing point is in line with the normal, other wise it'll look funny

If you have more than one firing point, the weapon will cycle through the fire points, just like secondaries on a fighter.  There is no need to add multiple weapons to the entry for that turret in the ship.tbl - only the first weapon is EVER used, a good example of this waste of tbl space is the orion's multipart turrets, which list the huge laser three times.  Speaking of tbl entries, you'll then need to make sure it's got a reference in that ships entry

And a finaly, I found that you can't put multipart turrets on to the sides of a ship, they have to be either on the bottom or on the top, If you do, they look very strange when the move, this is because the aaxis in which these turrets rotate in is fixed, and I couldn't get them rotate in the right axis despite what I put in FSMM2.

hope thats of some use, remember the best way is to look at other pofs, and to copy what they've done.

 Stupid render  Actual game shot


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Nice model! But do you want it so that the muzzle glow engulfs the front of the ship? Maybe make the muzzle glow radius smaller, and it'll look very nice  

Robin Varley:
Is that just a small ship with a big gun, or a big ship with an even bigger gun?


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