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actualy most turret positioning can be done after you do the hull, it is (for the most part) the last thing you do (in terms of geometry). with fighters you often have to think about it a bit becase the weapons are usualy a major part of the geometry. if you get something that looks cool you don't need to wory about if it will have good firing arcs becase that can be woryed about later, but I useualy do have the beams in my concepts.
as far as being functional, you have to try to find ways of lowering poly count. my first two models show that I wasn't very good at makeing functional geometry for a good two or three months (as well as a crapy texturer), but I didn't realize this untill after comparing them with some more resent models.
you can tell how experenced someone is by looking at there geometry if it looks like a bunch of crossections, with a lot of lines runing with the axes in more than one direction, or if it is jumbled up with a lot of redundent edges, or if you see asimetric geometry on a simetric model (indicating they used the tringulate button, or some other atomated proces), these are all thigs to avoid as they are ineficent and just plain look bad, or atleast unprofesanal.

some of my other pet peevs are badly done boolians, unflat pollys, multable textures on a fighter, and,... oh ya, multable subobjects.


you get biched at by me

Bobboau, bringing you products that work.............. in theory

Hey bobboau, think you could take a look at a model of mine?  Styxx is pretty busy, so I can't really ask him for help.

what's the problem?

NOTE; I have been knowen to say I'll help when in reality I haven't posability of getting the time to do anything actualy helpful

Bobboau, bringing you products that work.............. in theory

Just to look in over, give me an opinion.

Robin Varley:
Questions so I dont get, quote;

        "*****ed at"

I use the triangulate button, how on earth do I do it manually.  Do you select the face and bevel it, but so it doesn't have any extrusion, or do you select the vertices and stick a line between them?

badly done boolians, do you mean bad geometry, ie normals facing the worng way, or something else?

unflat pollys, I've got no idea about what you mean by this, or do you mean unflat faces, in which case thats people not triangulating things by what ever method they use.

muliple textures on fighters, well not all of us know how to generate the "wrap around" textures Volition and your good self use, I'd like to, so if you don't mind telling us it'd be great.

Presumably you don't like this because it slows things down?, not that I noticed even on my rather pathetic computer any slow down, my view is that the more textures the game has to load up for a particular mission, the more it'll slow down.  Custom textures, although very good, just take up more memory.  Not that Volition took much notice of this as there are a few same textures of the exactly the same size and orientation in the game.

Mutiple sub objects?, I take it this is building, say, the primary hull out of different objects, and just gluing them together as siblings, or even worse as children.  Yep, it's very bad, and I dont like it either.

I don't wanna sound whingy, and hopefully with your feedback I can become a better modeler.


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