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EA fighter shinemaps + Lethe glowmap + tech room cubemap

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Woolie Wool:

This image depicts the Starforce version of the Acheron model, with shields and only one gun mount, as I turned it into a yacht.

This package contains shinemaps for the Earth Alliance fighters, plus a glowmap for the Lethe's engines, and the tech room cubemap I made for Twist of Fate, that beats the hell out of the nasty mediavps one. They're a bit rough, but they're a lot better than none at all.

P.S. Has anyone put in my new weapon and thruster effects yet?

Ahh, I knew there was someone else who was interested in helping out. The screenshot looks good, but unfortunately, the only files I ever saw of yours were the temp table fixes. Hey, I take it you want on into the project? This stuff is good enough to get on; you and Freespaceking should make a very efficient team working on textures. :)

Woolie Wool:
OK. I do have other projects, but sure. I'm not a real artist, but I am OK at hacking up other textures and effects. If you want any brand new weapons to add, tell me what you want. Also, I can proofread missions, write mission dialogue, write tech descriptions and fluff, and anything of a creative writing nature.

Also, here's some socialism in space! Colonial fighter shinemaps:

I decided orange would be a nice color for Colonial thrusters, since it's not often used. The Volkov and Gurkov maps use a new thing I discovered in PhotoImpact called "Unsharp Mask" that gives the hull plating more definition without the graininess of "Sharpen".

Upgraded effects: (based on original material by DaBrain and Lightspeed, sounds from Descent and Babylon 5)

EDIT: The specularity is rather weak on that screenshot because the 3/13 XT build appears to use the fixed render pipeline.


--- Quote ---Upgraded effects: (based on original material by DaBrain and Lightspeed, sounds from Descent and Babylon 5)
--- End quote ---

Sorry, but I'm updating game effects already :P

Anyway good work.

Woolie Wool:
What about the thrusters? I think they look just about perfect, and a nice change from the standard mediavp ones. I'm so sick of the Bobboau/Lightspeed Terran thrusters that I could scream.

And honestly, I hope the effects don't look anything like Earth Defense. The trails on those gun bolts were ridiculous.


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