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Well, we've gotten the "demo" (It's actually more like an ACT 0 as opposed to pre-release) to a better quality level as of now. :D

Take part in assaults and escort missions with the 158th Banshee Squadron during the earth civil war; Experience atmospheric missions with beautiful sky boxes, large battles in orbit above Earth and between the Moon, and most importantly, get a feel of what it's like to fly with one of the best squadrons out there!

Now since Turey's SCP installer is so popular, I feel this game would be more easily accessible to the public if we had an installer as well. Unfortunately, there is no spiffy GUI, and I'm not sure about any compatibilities with non-windows OSs, but it's at least 100% DOS compatible!!!

I was able to mooch some free hostage space from my brother's job; he works as tech support for some random hosting company (ACE net or something), so with his help, I set up this program to download all that's required for the mod in the exact hierarchy of files needed.


1) Download attached installer.
2) Place installer in Freespace2\158th. (I couldn't figure out how to make it find the game :/ )
3) Run the program!

And that's it!

Be careful though, it's a large group of files, the required are about 100mb. On top of that, my files weren't given the highest bandwidth priority. It takes a while to even get the main VP, so I'd suggest just starting it, and then go off to do something else while it  runs.

I've ran it on multiple windows computers, and although it takes seemingly random amounts of time, given enough, it always worked.

Enjoy! :)

PS: If you have voice acted before and would still like to voice act for exposition, we will be releasing in the future another release with the voices. I'll start up another Voice acting thread here in a few days, and once we get the old actors sorted out, we'll talk about it in VA forum.

//If you missed it, all this was is an .exe I made one day that pretends to be downloading the 158th, but actually just fills your hard drive with text.

Careful, sizzle. With so many releases today, as well as coinciding with April Fools, you're sure to throw something out of balance.

Yeah. Watch we don't cause a resonance cascade...

What a coincidence. On the same day as INFASA. :p

You all know what I mean.  :p


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