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Making the jump

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Two renders i made the first one is about a refugee ship that jumps to freedom. The second is wel a exploding EA shuttle.

freighter by: Scott W. Kingston
Jump mesh by: Kier Darby
Jumpgate by: Yuri A. Parovin
Nebula and stars by: Darkage

EA shuttle by: Alexander Shareef

have fun.

Any comments are welcome.

:jaw: :yes: I like... only the yellow spot on end of the hiperspace

You might either extend your hyperspace cone to more of a distnct point or make sure that it is black space behind it.  I'm assuming that there is a hole there as it stands now.

I know, i'll update it tomorrow. I'll just shift the nebula abit.

Enough about the yellow point.

Any other comments people?

Stryke 9:
Nice refugee ship.


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