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Well the Gunboat was in all of the X-wing games, and may have had some mentions in the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels.  The TIE Avenger and TIE Defender were introduced in the X-wing series and have been mentioned in other EU sources (again the EGVV among others).

The Gunboat was introduced prior to the Battle of Yavin and has been in service at least until after the Battle of Endor (this is really a conjecture since the only time this ship appears is during the X-wing games).

The TIE Avenger is the TIE Advanced AD series Production model introduced shortly after the Battle of Hoth, however, is only reserved for top TIE starfighter pilots (the cream of the crop for TIE Interceptor pilots I believe).  The TIE Defender was also developed and introduced shortly after the TIE Avenger and was intended to be the next generation fighter that would phase out the TIE Fighter, however only a few of these ships ever survived as most wound up in the hands of rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin, and a handful were kept in reserve by Grand Admiral Thrawn.
These ships pretty much didn't see much if any, action after the Battle of Endor.

The TIE Scout, TIE Vanguard, TIE/rc, TIE/fc, and TIE/gt were all constructed pre-Battle of Yavin.  The TIE/rc and later TIE Vanguard were outfitted for armed reconnaissance duty, the TIE/fc provided for long range fire control, the TIE/gt carried a payload of several proton bombs before being phased out by the TIE Bomber, and the TIE Scout was a long-range scout ship.

PS, has a set core campaign been established, or will missions be more along the lines of 'Historical Combat Scenarios'?  If the former, will be set during the original trilogy and tie into movie events (I'm wondering due to the priorities on both Death Stars being high), or post-Jedi?  For anything post-Jedi, about how many years after are you looking around?  From what I remember, there would not be anything covering the NJO.

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I'm interested to see where you guys are planning to take this.  :cool:

Ok, I guess I was mainly referring to the gt and the fc, and a few others.  The gunboat I'm a fan of, the defender may be too imbalanced, and the rest just may not be large enough production to serve a huge purpose.  Rest assured though, just because a ship isn't on the list, doesn't mean it will never be in the game, it just means that no one has claimed it yet, or it's not a high priority ship.


Zenchi Senkusha:
Tempest sure is a beast.

Yeah, those shuttles are Axem's domain. I don't want to encroach by making the gunboat.

And for the record, turey, I hate uglies with a vengeance. I really do.

I am taking requests for meshes, so if anyone wants something I'll see what I can do.


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