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Just FYI, the Frontlines issues on Knossos have been fixed.

Black Wolf, if you create a Knossos account I'll set you as owner of Frontlines as I'm the one that uploaded it to Knossos.

Okay I have been playing this and it is quite good but I have noticed some problems.

For one thing, the tech room entry for one of the weapons (I forget which one) mentions the GTVA, which shouldn't exist at the time.

Also in the mission where you are ambushing the convoys, the Vasudan support ships have shields, which obviously isn't right. Also I received a return to base directive before one of my primary objectives (protect the Echo) was completed, and the Echo was just sitting there doing nothing, so I jumped out and got a debriefing saying I wasn't authorized to return to base, but I also got a medal and was allowed to pass the mission anyway.  :wtf:


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