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Oh man, thanks....modifying my post.

Trivial Psychic:
Holy BOE Batman!  That said, it feels very much like some of the BP:AoA missions, particularly the climatic run for the Sol Node in Delta Serpentis.  I hear lots of borrowed sound effects in there, including the Star Wars Tie fighter blasters and the Star Trek II hand phaser sounds.

That's one mission somewhere in the middle of the campaign. The next few missions after that actually drove most pilots of the 77th Dark Angels to the psycho ward including their Flight Division Commander.

Those weapon effects and background bitmaps sure are purty. Where'd you get them from? (He asks with no selfish interest at all, of course.)

I'm seeing a couple typos and grammatically wonky sections - nothing too egregious, but a proofreader's always a good thing to have. The TTS system is really weird and disorienting. The Star Wars blasters are preeeeeeeetty distinctive, but I got used to them pretty quickly.

Gonna second the BoE comment, but I kinda get the sense that this is intended as a dramatic setpiece mission.

I sampled the weapon sounds from the Starwars and Startrek movies. I edited the sound clips myself. The big explosion is a combination of samples from the movies Super 8 and Tron: Legacy.

I also made the skybox background from various images I downloaded, edited them further. In combining with FS2 made backgounds, I got the look I want.

EDIT: The weapon effects I made them as well. I created ANI files for those.

This mission is an Act ender. There are ten Acts and each of them have a "BOE" mission. Further more, these BOE enders escalates. Meaning, the next ender is more chaotic. Actually, most of the missions (80%) are in the BOE category.

Now, I don't  just throw the set pieces around liberally. The mission design covers most possible scenarios through player actions. These missions are not restrictive by tight scripting. Events will happen depending on the player's decision from load out to which target to attack first. Of course, there is a main objective. Too much strict coding will kill the mission's replayability. Although, my mission coding, are also complex because of  branching scenarios from dialogues to major events.


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