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[Release (0.6.3)] NTP - A Multi-Language Translation Library Interface

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Having version 0.6 and the subsequent updates out this year was terrific. Very sorry to hear about all those rough and unfortunate events that made the second half of the year so difficult, and hopefully the upcoming year will be better as time goes on.

Well, that was a hell of the year.

In terms of work, I was pretty busy and it was successful. Unfortunately, there was no time for hobby projects like this one.
So there was no big progress this year. I hope to finish version 0.7 with new missions in 2024 then.

But because there are new MediaVPs, I at least had to find time for a compatibility update.
So here it is. But there are more things under the hood.

For example, around 200 new entries for strings.tbl, which basically means that the new options menu, which is still under development, has already been translated.
As always, Achille has contributed the French texts. I did the German ones. All other languages were partly translated with a mixture of translation tools and AI. The best I can offer as a person, who does not speak Italian, Spanish, Polish or even Japanese  :nervous:.

The build from 06th December 2023 is required. I have not currently installed Knossos due to circumstances, so I recommend considering it as a supplement to manual installation or the FSO installer right now. I hope that i will be able to add this to FSOInstaller in the near future at least, as i have to update my things there too anyway.

Changelog of Version 0.6.3:
• MediaVPs 4.7.1 compatibility!
• Updated strings.tbl. All translatable strings added since NTP's 0.6.2 release are now supported. This includes the new in-game settings menu currently in development.
• Some strings from the Retail FreeSpace 2 Launcher had to be restored for this as well.
• The japanese translation of "Escape Pod Bay" exceeded the 32 Bit Buffer, which cause crashes on newer FSO builds. Another shorter term is now used.
• The japanese language package now also includes the complete default (aka english) language, as the used japanese font support all english letters anyway.
• Added new entries to the controlconfigdefaults.tbl to prevent the usage of duplicate IDs and to ensure proper translatability for every input setting.
• Changed MediaVPs & HD Mainhall files are now in their own VP files in preparation to make NTP more independent from both in the future.
• Mission update in SM1-08 "The Sixth Wonder": Some event changes on the NTCv Hawkwood & NTC Conquest to make them less obviously indestructible for fighters.
• Mission update in SM3-02 "High Noon": If the SD Beleth survives SM3-01 "Bearbaiting" with active beam cannons, it will now also provide proper fire support for the SJ Sathanas with them.
• Mission update in SM3-04 "Straight, No Chaser": The SJ Yama/GVD Psamtik sequence has been slightly optimized.
• Mission update in loop2-2 "Into the Lion's Den": Further repositioning of some ships. The mission should be solvable with all objectives on Insane difficulty again. Also, the Shivan check on the GTF Maras happens earlier now.
• Mission update in DemoTrain "Training": Command Briefing did not have any voice because of a wrong file name. This was corrected.

Opening Post was updated.

Greetings and Happy playin'


So, NTP is also part of the FSOInstaller now, which means that it also downloads all required files automatically aswell.

I looked into the MediaVPs 4.7.2 and its chagelog suggest that there should be any incompatibilites to NTP 0.6.3. So you can safely update.

As stated in the NTP 0.6.3 changelog, i already moved all changed MediaVPs & HD Mainhall files for NTP into its own VP files.
The target for Version 0.7 is to official provide a base version of NTP that is launchable regardless of the current Mainhall/MediaVPs version. Or even to play retail like without any of them.
I think the content of the specific vps could be changed for 0.7 aswell, if they will even survive in the long term, as i think there is a much better way to keep compatibility, but i have to put more time into this.

If there is an upcoming MediaVPs version that cause incompatibilites, you should already able to remove the ntp_mediavps_47x.vp now and can still use NTP's translations together with any new feature. In this case, only a few texts would again be untranslated.
This standalone solution was desired by myself, as i could not work on this project for over a year and so missed some MediaVPs releases.

But as far as i have not tested this actually, i give no guarantee yet.

How is this project going? If anyone is willing to update it to be fully compatible with the latest updates of FSO and MVP (4.7.2), I am willing to help with the Spanish translation, which has numerous errors.

0.6.3 was released for the current MediaVPS. So it should be fully compatible with 4.7.2.

But i have no spanish translator. So If you want to update the spanish translation, you can fix the errors in the spanish language files and send them to me and i will release a 0.6.4 update  :D

There are no news for 0.7 right now. But i am positive, that i will find time for this during the year. I know that there is no big progress for some time already. It is not a lack of motivation, but the lack of free time for this. I did not gave up on this. This project is still maintained for compatibility right now, even there are no new translated campaigns for the moment.
But there will in the future.


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