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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Colonol Dekker:
I've done nothing but my name is 👆🏻


Hope you're enjoying it all mate.

Thank you to everyone who showed up, especially the awesome HLP people who gave insight into the inner workings of the game and gave me some solid advice!

I hope you all had fun and hope you'll tune in next Sunday!

EDIT: Damn, I forgot to ask Mito what lighting settings he was recommending for my Knossos command line to make the ships look nicer. :(

Mito [PL]:
Hi there, just let me quickly toss a couple graphic suggestions at you while I'm at it.

Firstly, the lighting setup - there's a Wiki page and a visual comparison on it. There's also a summary of the flags (although it's very technical). I personally use this:
--- Code: ----ambient_factor 73 -spec_point 0.3 -spec_static 1.0 -spec_tube 0.4 -bloom_intensity 45
--- End code ---
It gives you the slightest hint of ambient light, but still deep and dark shadows on surfaces facing away from suns. The suns get a large contribution, while primary and beam fire... not so much. A bit of bloom makes most lights on ships "bleed out" a bit (and honestly this makes warp vortexes look fantastic). Also that makes every mission have its own flavour of a light environment. You can play around with most of these parameters in the F3 Lab.

Emissive lighting (IIRC, in recent builds it's opt-in in Knossos flags instead of opt-out) just gives you a basic, high level of ambient light. With it stuff looks kinda flat, in my opinion.

Maybe you would also be interested in disabling motion debris (the specks of space trash you can see flying by you) and screen shaking (the one you experience when you hit your afterburner or shoot Maxim). Both should be flags available in Knossos settings.

The stream was really fun and I just can't wait for the next one!

Loved the stream as well. Caught up on the last hour via vod, and I'm also looking forward to this weekend's stream!  :yes:

Thank you guys for the support. I hope to attract a larger audience with each stream.

I tried out the settings Mito suggested and looked at ships in the F3 model viewer, and WOW! They look gorgeous! Thanks for the advice, that flat lighting was kind of bothering me, but then I remember retails FreeSpace 2 and even flat lighting with better models and textures are an improvement for me. I didn't realize just how much better it could look.


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