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Props to Passionate Community + Shameless Stream Plugging

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Colonol Dekker:
JAD hype is real.  By far the most original and entertaining campaign.
Part of it IS technically voiced though isn't it....m :D :lol:


I hope you all will join me even for this non-FreeSpace stream!  I'd still like to chat with you guys about FreeSpace stuff and anything else under the sun.  It should be much easier to engage the audience in System Shock compared to FreeSpace, so don't leave me hanging!

Pretty sus behavior, YouTube.  I went from 452 views on my System Shock video down to 117, and a peak of 25 people watching (easily trackable on Streamlabs and the stream itself before it became a VOD, too) to 12.  HMMM...

Colonol Dekker:
That's very sus.

Let's see if this one survives the culling. May even take screenshots of stats when the stream ends.


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