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ISF Branch, Mission 5, Impassable

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You were detected; that's why all the fighters converged on you.  The debriefing assumes that if you were detected after Arjuna appears, it is Arjuna itself that detects you.  In any case, you should have gotten a conversation when the detection occurred.

You really should jump out when the Admiral tells you to leave and the AWACS jumps.  The mission isn't designed for players to stick around.  You're not supposed to be able to scan everything, either - that's why you're supposed to prioritize the most important things.

Trivial Psychic:
In that case, you should probably find a way to ensure a continuous stream of replacement Shivan fighters should the player decide to do as I did.  I'm the guy who likes to find any way to rack up the kills.  In the GTVA branch when you're flying the stealths against the Aracnas, instead of following the plan, I just sit outside weapons range and use my Prom cannons to take out each cruiser and weapons platform myself, then take out all of the turrets myself.  I like to take all of the kills for myself.  :drevil:

This mission is recon, not dogfighting.  If you fire your weapons, you're instantly detected, period.  There should not be any situation where you end up destroying all of the fighters, unless you're using cheats to ~K all the scouts so you have an easier time.

Firing your weapons will normally cause the mission to fail, except if it happens after you are authorized to depart.  This could be a bug or it could be an anti-frustration feature.  Either way, it is not intended as a license for you to go off and start shooting things.  That breaks the designer-player agreement.

Trivial Psychic:
I just finished the ISF version of Ikarwa Passes (or however its spelt), and had an odd moment when the ISF task force arrived.  Only the corvette was actually there.  The other 3 ships did show as having arrived, and I did see the jump vortices, but I never saw them and they didn't register in the mission.  When I looked into the event log, it seems that they arrived and departed immediately after.  I'm guessing that wasn't supposed to happen.  Before you ask, none of the ships involved were destroyed in the previous mission, and I let them depart before I ended the mission.

That's gotta be a bug.  It makes sense that it would happen on this version too, as I recently upgraded the shipsave mechanism.

Can you send me your checkpoints?  These would be in %APPDATA%\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\scroll\data\scripts.


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