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Tribute to TopAce

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Rest in Peace, TopAce.

This is definitely not the kind of news I was expecting. The amount of contributions is huge, the FRED and lore wiki entries he wrote helped me the most, he will be sorely missed.

Very sad news. :( I can remember TopAce being around HLP for as long as I've been here, and his list of community contributions speaks for itself. I remember playing Renegade Resurgence very early on in my time here. Rest in peace, and thank you for everything you did for us.

I have been part of this forum for half of my life now, which is a weird thing to realize. Which seems to be long enough that these kind of things happen and, again, it is strange because I feel like I know people here despite never having seen their faces or even real names.

My condolences to friends and familiy.

His journey is over now. I hope he got see whatever he wanted to see, to hear words that made him feel welcome on this road, and to nurture what he wanted to see grow.

Thankfully, he has left us a tangible legacy through which we can celebreate and appricate him.

So let's raise a toast to him and how he can live on through his work.

Sad to hear. I remember him from the early days of HLP and the Star Wars conversion project.

I've sometimes wondered how many people from that era are gone without the knowledge of anyone here. It has been 25 years now since FS1 was released, a lot can happen in that time.


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