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RELEASE: The Great War: Vasudan Imperium

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After thirteen years of off-and-on again development, Vasudan Imperium has now been released. Play through the events of the main FreeSpace campaign from the Vasudan perspective.

This release includes:

* Full branching campaign with a total of 37 missions
* In-game cutscenes
* VasudanAdmiral's alternate ending cutscene, now complete
* PVN HUD thanks to WoolieWool
* Skyboxes by Nyctaeus
* Main Hall, briefing, debriefing, and some in-mission music from "Shadow of the Colossus" and "Ico"
We strongly recommend TEXT TO SPEECH for this campaign. Go to Knossos Settings, bottom of the first column (Speech) and tick the box for In-Game Speech.

Please PLAY and ENJOY!

Congratulations on the release!  I'm very much looking forward to playing this. :)

Wow, just wow, that was totally unexpected.  :D

I know it's been in the works for quite some time and, to be fair, I didn't realize it was this close to release. Congratulations!  :yes:

Yet more good content?

Iain Baker:
Sweet. Just my luck that my TTS stopped working with FS.  :lol:

Also - congrats on getting it released. That’s a long time to keep working on something and I imagine many people would have lost momentum and given up.


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