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Vid's campaigns are too difficult? - advice here!

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I got a lot of complaints recently. So I decided to create this threat, so people can learn what kind of tactic I thought of to win my missions. Feel free to post or discuss.

DarkChildren Mission 4:

okay, let's check your problem first: Do you get killed (1.) or do you loose because Mind dies (2.) ?

1. Solution: Make ample use of slowmo (REALLY) and shoot the Minbari down before they actually reach you. Only "Helpless" Wing attacks you and your shadow brothers, the rest focuses on Mind (since "Pitful" only shows up at High or Extreme). Ignore everything but "Helpless".

2. Solution: Only a few turrets on the Minbari ships actually fire. Take these out (easy with your Shadow Bolt). The second big threat is the base, disarm it quite early so it cannot fire on Mind.

Feel free to discuss strategies for beating my campaigns here. When discussing a mission state which mission it is and protect spoilers using the Spoiler:spoiler tag.

Linked this to all FH campaign threads.

ah so that's how you do it. cool.

Personally I don't think they're too difficult. But i play on very easy because..........well because i like winning. I do get quite far in to your campaigns too. It doesn't take me long to get unstuck when i am cos usually it's obvious what i did wrong. and often it's because i haven't managed my fighter support properly but of course that isn't an option in Dark Children. I kinda figured about the base though. It was what took ou th mid the last time i tried that mission. For me the difficult bit is making sure i take out all the fighters at the beginning since you need to be pretty quick even when 'concentrating'.

FH2260: Mission6:

Failure when Hague's ship gets disabled OR is destroyed   if his allies don't make it, never mind. You changed canon B5 story, but never mind  :lol:

- the only thing which REALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE is to make sure no bomber delivers it's payload. Press default b to target bombs and bombers quickly.
- it might be a good idea to tell your wingmen to attack something specific, since the AI is stupid. Engines or Weapon systems are nice targets. Also the turrets firing on friendlies (not all turrets are dangerous  :) )
- best focus on one enemy ship, for example the Excalibur, since it will likely inflict most of the damage on the Alexander

Sorry to bump an older thread, but I'm in need of assistance. I don't know what mission number, but campaign is 2259. I'm supposed to help the hunters take the Pandora cargo vessel. Problem being that it keeps blowing up for no apparent reason, and the mission is a failure. I think it usually has around 80 points of health left usually when it blows up. I've made sure to aim very carefully to take out the laser turrets and comm and avoid a great deal of damage to the ship.

Any suggestions? TIA.

There is a trick to the mission.  I won't give specifics but you need to listen to the communications about what to shoot at.


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