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For the points bonus thing all that would be required would be a SEXP to check whether you have a certain medal and how many of them you have.

It would also require fixing all the existing medal missions, fixing the code so coop points can be awarded for completing goals (to my knowledge only TvT and single player awards points for goals), making it possible for goals to apply individually to players instead of to everyone equally, and to edit all existing scores to add points for already-earned medals.

Such a SEXP might still be nice to have though, for unrelated reasons.

-The ability for players to assign themselves to wings, as opposed to the host.
-In-lobby team chat.
-Working rearm/repair system, even after you've respawned (though it could cancel the current rearm/repair request).
-Client response improvements to accurately show missile hits and primary weapon damage registered, as opposed to the current system where you can pound the shields of an enemy vessel and see hits, but in reality you're missing on every shot.


--- Quote ----In-lobby team chat.
--- End quote ---
Oh god yes, how could I forget that one? Team chat during briefings is an absolute must for the future, so you can work out strategies without the other team hearing.

an "In hud" scroll bar to see all your teams ships and status

the same for enemies

so u dont have to cycle through them all 

 ;) :D :D ;) :D


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