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ZATHRAS R1 official release

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Here it is:

1.) Mod DB
3.) Fileplanet
4.) Mirrored on mediafire

For additional information, check out this thread  :lol:
To all who participated in the making or testing, you people are awesome  :nod:

The Babylon Project Public Development is proud to bring you Project Zathras.  This patch in the form of a mod allows you to both enjoy the game as it was originally released as well as experience new features from both Zathras and the FS2 Source Code Project.  It is also required for playing multipalyer on FS2NetD.

Over 5 months in development Zathras includes all kind of bug fixes as well as new content. It's also compatible with FS2_Open 3.6.10 which was released just over a week ago.  This allows players and developers to experience the new features the FS2 SCP team has added along with increased stability in gameplay.

Some of the features you may see in upcoming campaings include name plates and glow points for Nova class destroyers:

Poseidon class:

Explorer class and additional Omega Class:

New HUD animations and skyboxes:

Additional ship textures:

It also unlocks some hidden content from TBP 3.4b.  This Skybox for instance:

We'd love some feedback  :D

I don't suppose you could upload it to some place like mediafire? Neither of those mirrors seem to work for me.

Fub, check your emails.

The E:
Mirrored on mediafire

Nice skybox :) .
Is the Whitestar part of it?


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