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ZATHRAS R1 official release

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Ah you guys unlocked the Earth Done skybox easter egg. I was involved in that of course. I did the setting up, conversion etc, but the render was Madaboutgames. It's a great one. The skybox was originally intended for BHX. Many times I've lost a campaign against the Shadows and seen Battlecrabs flying over it.

I'm very late to the party, but here, have another link:

Tobin Ra:
Hey guys is this mod compatible with the newest version of fs2 open 3_7_2?

I think that 3.7.0 is the last version of FSO that'll work with TBP without modifying one of the tables in the 3.4b release, not even Zathras can fix that one.

(edit; fixed version)

Tobin Ra:
Thanks niffiwan.


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