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Col. Fishguts:
This package contains a set of upgraded models for The Babylon Project. The contents are designed to be 100% backwards compatible, should you find a case where this models break an existing mission, please report it here.

A working installation of TBP3.4b with fs2_open 3.6.9 exe is required.
The Zathras package and fs2_open 3.7.0 are recommended.

Create a new folder in your main TBP folder, e.g. "C:\Games\The Babylon Project\HTLpackage" and extract the contents of the zip file into that folder.
Start the launcher and go to the "MOD" tab and select the "HTLpackage" (or whatever you called it) folder, click "Apply" and you're ready to run.

To combine this package with the Zathras package, do the same as mentioned above, but add the Zathras folder to the secondary modlist in the "mod.ini" file located in the HTLpackage folder, like so "secondarylist = zathras;".
Note that for multiplayer you should disable the HTL package, since it's not validated content

Revision history:
22.08.2010: Initial release
28.08.2010: Fixed submodel properties, added cache files for the container.
27.07.2011: Added EA 109 Zephyr, EA Venom 1 and EA Venom 2
31.03.2014: Added EA Omega, including all nameplate versions from TBP3.4b and Zathras


EA Freighter Type I

EA Freighter Type II

EA Container

EA 109 Zephyr

EA Venom Type 1 and Type 2 missiles (including external models with pylons)

EA Omega destroyer (includes nameplates for all named ships in TBP3.4b and current Zathras)

--- DOWNLOAD HERE --- (42 MB)

Additional goodies:

A template file (PSD format) for creating your own Omega nameplates can be downloaded here. Instructions are included.

Note: Since this is not an official TBP add-on but my private little mod, you should post here in this thread if you encounter problems with it and not spam the main board. I intend to keep this first post updated when more content is added.
Also, if some able modeler/texture artist would like to do his part in upgrading TBP assets, PM me.

I should just add those shaders to Zathras. 

BTW looking great. 

On a side note we may have someone to do the EA Omega and ISA Victory already. 

Omega would be GREAT, EACW features LOTS ( and I mean lots ) of ingame cutscenes, many with an Omega in sight.

Trivial Psychic:
I've found a few errors, and a few potential errors.  Specifically this has to do with submodel subsystem entries.  On the smaller version's subsystems, there is a square character between the end of "$special=subsystem" and the "$name=whatever" entry.  Normally, there would be a line break between the two rather than that character, but that character may do the same function, which makes this the potential problem.  The real problem however, has to do with the fact that you've given the primary hull subsystem data.  On the smaller version, its labeled as "CargoPod05", while on the larger one its labeled as "CargoPod01", which will be confusing since the cargo01a submodel also has that subsystem entry.

I found that while I was looking to see if you'd made the model with any submodel debris for the cargo pods, that way they'd actually blow into chunks when destroyed.  Of course, adding something like that is both time-consuming and adds to the poly count.  ;7

I also checked into the FS Wiki's reference to subsystem flags, to see if there was a "no target when destroyed" flag, so you still wouldn't see the subsystem on your list if it gets blown apart.  I didn't see it there, but I didn't see a section there updated for 3.6.12, so it might exist.  If it does, it might be a good idea to create a .tbm file to add this flag.  If that happens, you may also want to add dockpoints at the points where the cargopods would go, SO you could include the possibility for the ship to dock with a pod in mission... though I'm not sure how destroyed submodels are handled when it comes to collision detection.

There are a number of subsystem abilities that are just waiting to get added to trunk.  That is one of them.  I planned on adding a lot of those features once it does. 


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