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Col. Fishguts:
So *cough*... during play-testing the HTL Zephyr against an Omega, I couldn't stand looking at those 5-sided engines and gun barrels any more. I decided I would just import the original model in 3dsmax and redo the engines and turrets and call it a day. But there were also some nasty UV errors on the head portion, smoothing glitches everywhere and some areas which desperately needed a bit modeling love. And since it was a rainy weekend, I just kept adding stuff here and there... and well, a few thousand polys later, we're here:

Note: This isn't a "real" HTL model... it's the old model touched up a bit while cannibalizing the old maps for a quick&dirty texturing job. But nevertheless, I'm quite happy how it turned out and it is even a tad more efficient, since it only uses 2 maps now (instead of 4 before). Also, the map of the head (with the nameplate) is made from scratch with increased resolution, so it looks quite sharper ingame than the old one.

Next steps:
- Finalize the diffuse map (the rotating section needs some touching-up)
- Normal maps for all the greeblies not modelled in (that's gonna be fun)
- Make "destroyed" versions of all subsystems/turrets
- Proper LODs

Black Wolf:
Having just gotten through the first 4 seasons of B5 over the last couple of months, I'm absolutely loving this! Good stuff.

This looks great, far better than the old one.
Are you going to do a Nova in the future?

Trivial Psychic:
How about Omega-X?  ;7

Holy moly that looks awesome.  Not that tomcat's old model was bad, but it served its purpose in a day when dual core processors had yet to hit the market.  This is one of the show's most iconic ships so it's great that we have a model that can does it justice!  One question: is there going to be a blank template texture for the bow section of the ship so new nameplates can be used?


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