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New ship maps opinions needed

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Along with the normal maps (most of which are now included in Zathras 2.6) emi_100 also made some replacement maps.  There are a few base map replacements, quite a few shine maps, and a few glow map.  I would like to get opinions on those maps before including them in Zathras.  With that in mind I put together a mod with ships having both the new and old maps so people could compare them and see which they think is better. 

You can download the maptest mod if you want to test.  Just unzip in your TBP folder and it will create a maptest directory.  Set that as the current mod, launch the game,  and run the maptest.fs2 mission from the tech room.  You can either fly around and compare them or switch to external camera, view from target, and cycle through the ships that way. 

When your done post which versions you like overall and any specific likes/dislikes on the new versions.  Also remember to set your mod back to Zathras or whatever campaign you currently had active.  You can remove the mod just by deleting the maptest folder. 

For some reason I do not see that mission in the tech room. I use the fs2_open_3_6_16_RC1_SSE build and the recent Zathras, the active mod however has been set to maptest. I fail to see a mission file in that mod, if it is in the .vp than something is wrong.

EDIT: Added a image to the mod.ini to verify that I have loaded the mod. I have.

Looks like the missions directory didn't get included.  I'll get it updated shortly.  If you already have downloaded it you can just grab the mission here.

In my humble opinion most of the newer maps look better! Sometimes it's very obvious, like looking at B5 itself from far away, in other cases the new maps look darker and not as colorful when not in full light, like e.g. the TS capital ship, so for those it's more a matter of taste...

Adds a lot to most ships, I especially like the new First Ones. I do think something is wrong with a few of the models though, e.g. Babylon 5 seems to have normal maps (which look superb) in both the original and new versions. I write more when I have more opinions. In the meantime, discovered a brilliant bug:


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