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Knossos installer?

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Has there any discussion about getting WCS into the Knossos installer?  It would nice to see this available to a new group of players.

The E:
Given that Knossos only works with FSO 3.8 and that WCS is incompatible with that version of the engine, it's probably not going to happen.

Admiral Nelson:
I'll be making a beta WCS for "normal" FSO release within the week.  That will work with Knossos.

The E:
Are you going to reimplement the sexps the WCS team added in? I mean, we have that technology in the nightly builds now, you could reimplement the sexps using lua.....

Admiral Nelson:
The missions all work 99% now in regular FSO.  I've either replaced with a Standard SEXP or made a script to address anything else.  What's missing is the hide-ship-name stuff Admiral Ralwood mentioned he had in a WIP code branch, and the "force-battle-music" SEXP for which I don't have a solution at the moment -- thus a "beta" release.


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