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Fixed mission files here


I don't put the Knossos versions out anymore but I know that the one that does put them out is not on Discord.  So please post any mission files that have been fixed (due to new FSO engine updates. ect) in this thread so they can be included in the next release.

Post the file along with what campaign or mission it belongs to.  This will help a lot

I can't upload files. I link the fixes and description of the main cause:

Emearon Incident mini-Campaign, 7º mission, Standoff, file: EI_S_07_Standoff.fs2 Cause: don't use double dot '' on $Name:

Note: The next two have been fixed on 22.2.0 RC6 and doesn't need changes

Fortune Hunters 2261, 4º mission, Into the Fire, file: FH2261_04.fs2 Cause: change <argument> with "<argument>"

Fortune Hunters 2261, 6º mission, Confrontation, file: FH2261_06.fs2 Cause: change <argument> with "<argument>"

Thanks for the fixes, so who will upload them now?


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