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Run away from my horrible modelling skillz. ;)

Do you think this is too smooth?

It still needs a lot of work.

There is definitley supposed to be a flat bit on the front of the "wing spikes"

Isn't there a HTL Loki already? Or was that just a texture job?


I would definitely recommend leaving the shape of the wing struts alone, and instead work on modeling in the details you see on the textures, like the cockpit and exhaust vents. It's Terran, it's supposed to be blocky; at the moment those wings won't fit the old textures at all.

Black Wolf:
Has big potential for a Mk 2 (Those curved intake things look cool), but not a HTL upgrade. Like all the FS1 fighters, the loki maps made the low poly shpe look both good and intentional. That's gotta be maintained.


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