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All the links should work again, point back to our current forum, etc.  Should have the screenshots reorganized and presented in the near future.

You might want to post the link. :p

Do you want swfs2 changed to something a bit more memorable?  Perhaps something like

Actually that would be nice.  Thanks a ton.  But I figured everyone knew it was under the Hosted... link at the top of the forums.

I updated the website some more.  Got rid of all the inline formatting and made a nice little style sheet, and now it's in a nicer font, a bit more consistent between pages, and a bit easier on the eyes as well.  So, anytime you wanna change the link to the swc subdomain one goob...

Uh... I can't click buttons on the top. A label called "SWC Banner" appears, and I can't click the buttons.


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