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What happens when you try to recreate the Battle of Endor?  :lol:

It makes baby jesus cry.

Black Wolf:
I think it's safe to say that a truy faithful recreation of the battle of endor is pretty much impossible in the FS2 engine. You might - might - be able to do small parts of the battle as separate missions that are lined together via red alert, but it'd never be truly a faithful recreation. The engine simply wouldn't handle it.

I confirm, the actual Fs2 engine can't handle more than 100 ships. It's sad but it's the reality.   :(

It's not so much the 100 ship limit that prevents a good BoE mission as it is the cap ship AI, and the control you have with FRED I believe.  At least that's what I'd read before.  Were there really way over 100 ships involved in the BoE?


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