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As the title say, Can I have precisions about the Freespace Conversion ? (like in the topic "Campaigns")

This is a direct quote from the "Features" page of my site.

--- Quote ---This is a port of all the ships, weapons, and missions from Descent: Freespace- The Great War into the enhanced engine of Freespace 2.

It will eventually include the Freespace campaign, the Silent Threat campaign, and a massive alternate campaign along the same lines, but from the Vasudan pilot's point of view. The pilot will even be able to choose partway through if s/he wants to join the Hammer of Light!

The modifications allow full compatibility with existing Freespace and Freespace 2 missions, allowing you to convert flawlessly every campaign developed for either Freespace (barring other modifications.) Multiplayer co-operative and team vs. team work fine but new dogfight missions are required.
--- End quote ---

In addition, your favorite FS1 campaigns can be fully converted easily. Details coming soon.

Thanks :yes:

But FRED2 can open fs1 mission and campaign files, so basically all you're doing is opening fs1 files and saving them as fs2? And maybe converting a few models in ModView.

somebody's got to do it :p


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