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Mission 1 of CoW 1 has been tested and repaired, even better, the 5 mission demo for CoW3 has been built.  Not tested yet.  The table trimming for the demo (so we don't give secrets away) has been done. 

Still do to on the demo: CB anim, testing, and Voice acting.  Minor Background tweaks.  Don't get freaky on me, I'm doing the demo first so that it can be auto released when it comes time to voice the main campaign.  We'll voice the demo at the same time as the voicing for CoW 1.  Release date however is still a few months away, as I said, I want to get it done and then mothball it.  That way when we release it, you know the time is short until the main campaign is released.

The testing done on CoW 1 mission 1 has been both embarrassing (as the fredder 9 years ago), and quite informative.  If this is a taste of things to come, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the testers.  The best part is it's kind of like good intel....fact is separated from opinion.  I love that.

Anyway, on with the show.

Cow 1 -- Half the Campaign has been gone through, tested and repaired.  My fredding was terrible in those days.

Cow 2 -- No changes as yet.

Cow 3 demo -- No significant changes

Cow 3 --  The missions of OP 1 are complete and ready for testing when the time comes.  Starting the building of OP 2 today.

Rand al Thor:
Good to hear and lookin forward to it. Never got around to playing the original CoW 1 and gave up after a few attempts when SCP changes left it behind.

I reckon I'll have to do some major campaigning durning the summer.

OK.  My comp died, I got it running again after a fashion, but here's the update:

CoW 1 -- All missions gone through.  It is ready to be voiced, and I need to finish the Skyboxes for the Adhara system.  No one is overly happy with CoW1, but no one ever was.  We aren't doing a full rebuild of it, just repairing it. 

Cow 2 -- Untouched

Cow 3 Demo -- Entering testing.  Need to complete skyboxes for Adhara system, cb anims, and voiced.

Cow 3 --  OP 1 is complete, OP 2 has 2 missions remaining to be built.  Need to build OPs 3-6, CBanims, Finish the Skyboxes for the ADhara system, minor table and effects tweaks, Cutscenes, custom music tracks, and testing obviously need to be done yet.

Well, going thing you are redoing CoW I and CoW II. My critic was "great ideas ; poor implementation". With your current experience, you might do something great with it.

My comment on the wiki, back then :
CoW 1 is a sub-average campaigns. While the missions and objectives could have been very original, the campaign was planned big executed poorly because of faulty FREDding, not on par with the complexity that would have been required . Therefore, there are a huge number of FREDding problems, the most gamebreaking ones - but by no means the only ones - being that in most mission the player has no idea of what he is supposed to do, and has to RTB himself to see if he passes - or not. Missions are also either too easy or too hard. Apart from those FREDding, the story has a lots of plotholes, and the player has an hard time understanding what/who exactly he is facing and what he is doing. On the other hand, CoW 2 is a rather good campaign, with similarly complex missions but with the FREDding skill to match. CoW 2 could have been "very" good if the last three levels were comparable to the first seven. Unfortunatly, the last missions of CoW are closer CoW 1 (lack of) quality. If the team was to correct the few bugs in CoW2 and review / remake the CoW 1 with their experience from CoW2, this campaign has potential to become a GREAT one.


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