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Sunday 20 February 2011

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The cult of the sacred Moo CoW has raised thier voices (all 4 of em) and decreed:

On 20 February 2011, we will release CoW 1 Revamped.

We made it better than it was.  Better.  Stronger.  Faster.  We had the technology.  We had the capability to make the world's first bion....sorry, I was having a Six Million Dollar Man moment.

If you worked on CoW 1 or CoW 2 in ANY capacity, We will pre-release it to you on 13 February 2011.  Just PM me for the link and I will send it on that date.  All that we ask is that you PM me with any last minute bugs that you find. 

Changes since the last screens:

TopAce and Mobius testing and fixing.

I scrapped the Adhara skybox in favor of something more subtle.  Aldo (the hallowed creator of CoW) wanted  CoW to be visually dark.  In an attempt to honor his vision, the background nebulae remain in the skybox, as well as a few you haven't seen yet.  But the overall effect is much darker than the old screenshots show. 

Anyway.  On the show.

Aurora Paradox:
This is good news indeed.  Only 17 days until public release.

Arr, public deadlines. You sure have balls.

Deadlines possess some additional motivational force. They have "There's no stopping us now" written all over them. :P

Yeah, and now since you said that something's going to stop you.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong? :drevil:


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