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First, this is the very beginning stages of a wip.  So excuse the crap graphics. 

We will start with the sky.  It will not be this color. 

Let's move to the ground. We will have a proper ground model, complete with textures.  Not this one.

The Gun Towers / buildings.  Do I need to say that we will have proper models and not a sentry gun sitting there?

anyway.....orbittal bombardment works.

The second pic was my first incarnation, the 3rd is when I finally got smoke trails to work.

[attachment deleted by a basterd]

Such enthusiasm.  I'll just keep bothering though.  We have settled on a sky.  Actually TopAce liked it, so we are keeping it and using it.  Note, the better ground model as well.

[attachment deleted by a basterd]

And I'm totally the wrong person to ask to review/evaluate graphics. Ask anyone from FotG. :D

and the newest incarnation

[attachment deleted by a basterd]

Eh, I'd just grab one of the Zfight ones


unless you're one of those stupid silly people that insist of doing everything themselves and refuse to make use of the wonderful resources available for free use/stealing. :P

the cyan is way too strong on these. (too high saturation in general actually, applies to the ground too). Makes it look very....dated.


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